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2009 News Archive

20 December, 2009


It is expected that the next meeting will take place at the end of march 2010, and will cover progress since the last meeting. Date of the meeting will be confirmed in the next 2 weeks. Membership forms and payments will be accepted once the meeting has concluded.


In other News, Secretary Brian Leedham has successfully completed the incorporation process for the Society through the NSW Office of Fair Trading. Next up is applying for an authority to fundraise though the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.


I will in the next 3-4weeks send in an application for the rgistration of GST for the Society through the Tax Office, as well as continuing to work with the committee in addressing the current issues facing the society.


More content will soon be added to this site, including some new photos.


Trent Pegler


6th November 09

Good Evening,

Another good week for news, Hunter Valley News Newspaper had an article about the Station and our plans for it, with a good photo. Contact was made with the Director of ITSRR again today to get more information about what we have to do to become operational, including start up which will be painting the buildings and cutting the grass.

I have placed a couple of new links on the home page for reference.

Hope everybody has had a good week.


Brian Leedham.


30th October 09,

Good Evening,

This week has been good for our group regarding News in Newspapers in the Upper hunter area.

The Scone Advocate ran a story for us and if you would like to have a look, go to this link,

go to the Merriwa school link on the links page for info from the Merriwa Ringer. There is an article there in the Community News.


26th October 09,

Good Evening, Our meeting was a great success.

40 plus people attended the first meeting in Merriwa about the possibility of staring a Heritage Railway Society. 34 of these people were residents of the town of Merriwa and surrounding districts. A ggod turn out for the first meeting. It is believed that there were 20 apoligies given to our Merriwa Contact, Bryan Baker. So in total we could have had 60 people at the meeting.

The meeting was positive with question times given to all the attendees and some very good input happened throughout the meeting. We put forward a positve approach, giving all our idea's to the people and letting them know that we wanted to do this project for the people of Merriwa.Many residents had photo's which they have made available and stories as well in print of course. Many attendees joined the group after the meeting.

Steve Pryor from the Upper Hunter Shire Council gave us an update on the lease and it should be ready in a few weeks.

So people we are now looking for members, as many as possible.



Brian leedham.


17th October 09,

Good morning, only one week to go for the Meeting at Merriwa.

This week we were advised that the Lease for MRS of the Station and the yard precinct is in the process of being completed and will be ready in a few weeks.

As in the past Bryan Baker is busy talking to as many people as he can, both local residents and professional people regarding what can be done in the future. Another article is to be placed in the Merriwa Ringer next week with a leaflet/Flyer being added to the Newspaper.

A flickr photo website is available with some Merriwa Photos at,

Hopefully we will keep you poted on what is happening on a weekly basis.

 Brian Leedham.


10th October 09,

Good Afternoon,

This morning I travelled to Merriwa to get some more photographs. When I arrived I was taken back to see how different the Railway Station looks now. It actually looks like somebody cares about it. The Platform needs repairs in 3 places. The Grass has been cut both in front of and behind the Station Building, as well as along the platform itself. I will hopefully upload the photos tomorrow night (Sunday). While in Merriwa I walked up the street and I have to say, Bryan baker has done a great job with the flyers, there are many businesses with a flyer in their front window. On my trip home I stopped in several places to check out the line and take Photos. I took measurements of the number of Kilometres from the town to give us an idea where we can possibly build new stations for a future service to maybe Gungal, at the rest stop, where the rail has been cut or covered over.

I will give a detailed run down on the Facebook page as well.


4th  October 09,

Good morning,

More news at hand is that Bryan Baker will be asking local business in Merriwa to place a flyer in their front windows about the meeting in Merriwa on the 24th of October.

He has already had one enquiry that I know of about the Station project, which would have come from the Ringer publication. There were 2 articles printed in this weeks edition.

Another Heritage person from the Upper Hunter shire has made contact with Bryan also.

The information that was posted about the grass being cut at the Railway yard was correct, so many thanks to Termite/Tim from Railpage for passing on that information.

I am in constant communication with Bryan Baker and are updating info on the yahoo groups site, the facebook site and this site.


Brian Leedham.


23rd Sept 09,

Morning, The Merriwa Central School's "Merriwa Ringer" Newspaper ran an article about the Railway station. Thanks to Brian Baker for putting the article in for our group. 

20th sept 09,

Yesterday's meeting was a success, with many things discussed which has given us info and time to do more research for the next meeting which is to be held on the 24th of October, hopefully at the Merriwa RSL.

If you want more info I can email the minutes to you.


Brian Leedham.

Good afternoon,

16th Sept 09

More news.

I have had contact with a local Resident, Paul Houlahan who has given me his Brother's phone number to contact him about the Merriwa Railway Station. Phillip Houlahan was the Stationmaster at Merriwa for many years apparently.

We also need to contact ARTC about obtaining a lease for the line from the Merriwa Railway Precinct to Sandy hollow. We may be able to obtain a long term community lease on it. Do we have anybody who may be able to help wil this.

Thanks, Brian Leedham.

12th of sept 09

I visited the Merriwa Railway Station precinct and shared it with a big King Brown Snake. And he was on the move at 9.00am. So if you choose to visit this site from now on be aware you may come across a snake or two.

While I was there I spoke to Bryan Baker who is a member of the Merriwa Historical group and a member of the Merriwa Progress Association. He is very keen to see this project get up and running.

Also spoke to a couple of other residents who were doing their bit volunteering at the Historial groups shop/display and at the Tourist Information centre. Both of them are keen also for this project to go ahead but they have stipulated that they want local people to be involved.

So I am putting up a date of the 24th of October for a follow up meeting at Merriwa.

That means a meeting at Neath on the 19th of Sept and,

A meeting at Merriwa on the 24th of October.


Brian Leedham.