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Steaming ahead To preserve Our Rail Heritage

2011 News Archive

December 17 2011

During our working bee more painting was carried out on the station building with more mowing also taking place. Our new generator is now on site and ready for use during future working bees. Volunteers attending the working bee were treated to a bbq lunch at the station. 

Working bees have now finished for 2011 and we are taking a break over the Christmas/New Year period. As a result working bees will recommence on Saturday 14 January 2012 and generally be held every 2nd saturday after that.

Below is a report and photos from Steve Preston of Goodwin Alco on the provision of a set of platform scales and other items for display at the station.

To complement the station restoration efforts by the Merriwa Railway Society work team Heritage craftsman Dave Matthews from Blueridge sourced a set of original NSWGR platform scales and stripped and repainted them in his workshop.

With the parts wrapped to protect the 2 pack paint finish during transport, the scales were delivered to Merriwa via the assistance of Steve Preston from Goodwin Alco  on Saturday December 17 – an early Christmas present for the Merriwa team.

With the assistance of MRSI volunteers Bryan Baker, Brian Leedham and Trent Pegler, Dave reassembled the scales on the original platform scale site on Merriwa Platform and within minutes they were again ready for weighing service.

Also delivered for display at Merriwa courtesy of Goodwin Alco was an original NSWGR “P class” wooden circuit telephone complete with Merriwa No 165 omnibus circuit card. This type of telephone provided contact for the Merriwa station staff with rail network locations throughout the state and once restoration of the Merriwa station interior is complete the telephone will be mounted in the authentic location.


Many thanks to Steve and Dave for their generous donation the society.

Please note: that the photos are copyrighted to Steve Preston and the Merriwa Railway Society Incorporated.

Trent Pegler.

November 25 2011

Painting the station building continued during our most recent working bee and more brushcutting and mowing was carried out.Photos have been uploaded to the Work Days 6 album in the photo gallery.

Volunteer Hours

At the end of the day on the 19th of November 2011 the Volunteers had amassed 702 hours. At an hourly rate of $25.00 an hour the Merriwa Community has been saved a figure of $17550.00, a lot of money in a 12 month period. Many thanks to the Volunteers for all their hard work.

Trent Pegler


November 5 2011

More progress has been made today, with more undercoating of the exposed walls of the station building. The station sign has been touched up and two trees have been cut down. A 2nd Hand Brushcutter has arrived at the station and is essentially ready for use in conjunction with our existing one.

The Parcels Room which is currently our storage area has been re-organised to better fit our current needs. Photos are now uploaded to the Work Days 6 album in the photo gallery.

Trent Pegler


October 29 2011

News from the Merriwa Railway Society Incorporated.

"Steaming ahead to preserve our railway Heritage"

The current total Volunteer Hours worked at the Merriwa Railway station precinct are  639.75 hours. At a hourly rate of $25.00 the Merriwa Community has been saved a total of $15993.75, nearly $16,000 saved.

Many thanks to all the Volunteers who have helped at the Station Precinct site.

Photos of the Volunteers are available in the Photo Gallery.

At our last Working Bee the following was acheived,

The inside fireplace front was painted matt black

The outside Parcels platform door had it's frame painted.

More of the rear wall was painted.

The Merriwa Railway Platform sign was installed.

And of course more Mowing and Whipper Snipping was done

The Station signs which have been installed along the front of the Station building were fabricated by the local engineering company from drawings which were supplied by the Office of Railway Heritage in Sydney. This company is mentioned on the home page with all of our other Sponsors, Supporters and suppliers.


October 22 2011

Another successful working bee was held with the new station sign installed plus more mowing, brushcutting and painting also taking place. Afterwards, we held a meeting at the station where various topics were discussed.

Some photos have been uploaded to the Work Days 5 folder of the Photo Gallery.

Trent Pegler


September 25 2011

Yesterday, we held another successful working bee with more painting being carried out on the station building.  The new posts for the main station sign to be located in front of the hedge that is growing on the back edge of the platform were delivered.

More mowing has been done with a couple of members bringing in their own mowers and one even brought in their quad bike with an attached sprayer to carry out weed spraying along the rail lines in the yard.

Trent Pegler.

September 10 2011

Another successful working bee was held today with the 'Parcels' and 'Waiting Room' Signs installed on the Station Building along with some more mowing, brushcutting and painting taking place. Photos from today have been uploaded to the photo gallery section of the website.

Visitors to the Station Precinct will find temporary signs are on the entry gates with dates of the working bees for the rest of 2011. Another sign is also located in one of the station windows. Permanent signs will be manufactured in the near future and then installed at the entry gates.

Trent Pegler.

More news.

The Volunteers have amassed a total of 558 hours so far on the Project. As an example if a figure of $25.00 per hour was paid to the Volunteers the community has been saved a total of $13,950. Thats a large amount of money.

Brian Leedham.

September the 1st 2011

Check out the dates for our working bee's on the Home page.

September's dates are Saturday the 10th and the 24th,

October's dates are Saturday the 8th and the 22nd

Good Morning,

The working bee held last Saturday the 27th of August was another success with more work being achieved. Thanks to the Volunteers who attended. Check out the Photo Gallery for the latest selection of Photos. A local resident advised us that a lot of people are visiting the site and the Station to take photos which is encouraging news. Many thanks to our supporters and Sponsors as the help is much appreciated. New Signs have been erected on the front of the building , with the rest of them to be erected on the 10th of September 2011.


August the 31st 2011

News about our progress will be posted in the next couple of days. In the meantime check out our Working bee dates as we have them on Saturdays every fortnight. They are posted on the Home Page under the heading Diary.


August the 15th 2011

Check out the new Photograph in the Historic Photo Album.


August the 5th 2011

News from the Merriwa Railway Precinct,

So far the Volunteer hours that have been worked at the Merriwa site has reached 475.75 Hours. As an example of the money saved on this project, an hourly rate of $25.00 could be used for a calculation of the Hours worked. 475.75 hours @ $25.00 per hour comes to a total of $11,893.75. This is now a large sum of money that we have been able to save the Merriwa Community.

Last Saturday the 30th of July more work was achieved, with 7 Volunteers turning up to help with the work that we are doing at the Station. Before we started work on this day we were able to walk over more of the Project area due to the Upper Hunter Shire Council doing an extensive clean up at the site in the week prior to our working bee day. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Merriwa Parks and Gardens department for all their great work.

The working bee was able to achieve more grass cutting and whipper snipping as well as more painting on the door and window frames. More sanding and painting of the rear wall was carried out as well. A set of steps has been fabricated for the Eastern end of the Goods Shed Platform. More photos have been added to the Photo Gallery, in the Work days 4 album. We have also started planning for a 100 year anniversary in June 2012.


5th July 2011

News from the MRSI.

The Festival of Fleeces was held on the June long weekend and our group was able have a small stall at the Hut in the Main street and we were able to walk in the Parade at midday on the Saturday of the Long Weekend. Our stall had a Powerpoint display of our Railway project, which was an exciting piece of Technology for our group.

One of the Local Members and her daughter were able to put this together for the group. Since the June long weekend we have held two working bees, one on the 18th of June and one last Saturday the 2nd of July.

During the month of June a New Roof was placed on the Station building, and I have to say it looks fantastic.

During replacement of the new roof some history was found. The contractor saved a piece of guttering with the letters "NSWTD" on it.

Lots of Photos have been added from the Working Bees so if you are interested check them out. They are in the Photo gallery under Work Days.

Gidday, the Working Bee held today, the 14th of May was a huge success. 9 Volunteers turned up to help, with many jobs proceeding towards being completed. Many thanks to those who attended as we were able to get lots of work done. have a look at the new photos in the photo gallery.

Our Next Working Bee will be on the 14th of May.


Saturday the 30th of April

7th Working Bee.

Today we were able to clear the Grass inside the Crane compound. The Grass has also been cut to the Turntable and the trees around the turntable have been cut back from the Turntable Safety Fence. There is more to be done at the Turntable area, but the next Bee should see the Turntable clear of grass and trees hopefully. The grass was also cut to the east of the Station and more plants have been planted. The plants, donated from members gardens are growing well now the temperatures have dropped

In May or June something big is going to happen at the Merriwa Railway Station Precinct. Watch this space to see what will happen.

Our group has now clocked up between $7000.00 and $8000.00 worth of Volunteer hours. We have done really well in a short space of time.


Sunday the 24th of April 2011

News Update.

Last Saturday the group held it's sixth Working bee with 14 Volunteers attending, our best ever attendance. After the Working bee we had a Sausage Sizzle at the RSL Club in the BBQ area. After the BBQ our first AGM was held, with the President's report being read out and also the Treasurer's report. A new Committee was selected as well. Then a General meeting was held. Lot's of exciting things planned, so if your not a member yet, join up an enjoy the ride. New photos have been added to the photo gallery, so take a look if you are interested.

We are ramping up our working bee's, with one every fortnight from now on.


2nd April 2011


Lots has been happening at the Merriwa Railway Station precinct. If you would like to know more, you are welcome to attend the AGM on the 16th of April at 1.00. Only Financial members can vote at the AGM. A membership form is available on the membership page. Check out some recent photos in the Photo Gallery on this site.

Have you seen the photos of the NSW Heritage Volunteer awards. Check them out in the Awards album in the Photo Gallery of this website. The function for this presentation was held at the old Kings school at Parramatta and our group was fortunate to have a member receive an award. Bryan Baker, the Merriwa co-ordinator of the MRSI was awarded for his continued efforts for Heritage work in the Merriwa district as well as his work for the MRSI for Heritage Railway. many thanks to Mr Baker for his continued efforts.


13 January 2011

The Hunter Valley News has published another article about the society. A link is provided below