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2012 News Archive

December the 8th 2012

Today, Saturday the 8th of December 2012 is another milestone for the group. We have amassed 40,162 views on this Website and our Railpage threads since January 2010. A great achievement seeing we are only a small organisation. Many thanks to all our supporters for making this project successfull in such a short space of time. Recently we have received two more grants to help us with the Restoration and to add to the Museum exhibits.VERY WELL DONE EVERYBODY, THANKYOU SO MUCH.

November 18th 2012.

What a great weekend.

Friday two Volunteers started the set up of our small Museum display. This display covers the Stationmasters room and the Ticket office.

To show off this display we had articles placed in the Merriwa Ringer and the Scone Advocate to advise the public we were holding an Open day on Saturday the 17th of November 2012.

We were successful in attracting 13 visitors to the station to view the new display and to have a look at what we have achieved in 2 years since obtaining the lease.

All of the visitors were very impressed with what we have been able to achieve.

Our Tidy Towns Certificate is now on display in the Stationmasters room. Our group received a High Commendation for the Project in the Tidy Towns Cultural Heritage section.

Well done to all our Volunteers and our Sponsors and our Suppliers. Thank you all so much for helping us to achieve this award.

While holding our Open Day we also did some work on site with 8 Volunteers helping out with the work being done on the day. So far the project has had the following done.

Broken Windows replaced,

Outside of the building sanded down and flaky paint removed,

Outside walls undercoated,

Windows and Doors painted in their own colours,

A new Roof fitted,

New signs added to the front of the building,

A front gate sign,

Outside Walls painted in the Sand colour paint,

A new Toilet cistern has been installed,

A new Seat for the Waiting room,

A new set of Platform Scales( restored actually ),

A seat for the Platform, to wait for the Train,

Doors for the Waiting room so that it is now secure,

Roof peaks painted in Mission Brown and Manilla colours,

Interior painted with Mist Blue and Blue/Gray,

Outside regular Mowing and Whipper Snipping,

A new front Fence,

Front Gate and Fence post's painted in Manilla colour,

Trees Planted, A new Hedge planted,

A New Platform Sign.

Historical signs around the precinct to mark where buildings were that have been demolished,

Many thanks to the 24 Volunteers who have helped us do all this work, it has been a great achievement.

Many thanks also to all the people who have given their Railway articles for us to display at the Station. Some photos will follow soon.

October 4th 2012

Below is a write up from Evelina Hendry, Community Relations Co-Ordinator at Xstrata's Mangoola Coal.

Mangoola Coal has made a donation of $2,000 to the Merriwa Railway Society to assist with the restoration of the Merriwa Railway.  The Society aims to restore the station and yard at Merriwa and, in the future, display a selection of locomotives and rolling stock. 

When complete, it will provide a valuable historic resource for tourists, train enthusiasts and the local community alike.  The first train on the Merriwa line ran on the 29th October 1917 and the Society has commenced restoration works on the station and platform, including use of the original colours from 1917 for the platform buildings. 

This is a big project for the small band of railway enthusiasts but great progress has been made to date.

Bryan Baker, and Jan Cox from Merriwa Railway Society with Tony Israel, Operations Manager - Xstrata Mangoola Coal during a visit to the Station on September 21 2012. Photo by Evelina Hendry.


October the 1st 2012

Good Morning,

 Here is an update on the Merriwa Railway Society Incorporated.

Our group has passed a couple of milestones.

On the 12th of September 2009, the current President and the current Merriwa Co-Ordinator of this group met for the first time.

On the 19th of September 2009 the Inaugural Informal meeting was held at the Neath Hotel.

On the 24th of this month it will be 3 years since the meeting to form this group was held at the Merriwa RSL.

It is nearly 1 year and 11 months since the lease was granted for work to start at the Merriwa Railway precinct.

On the 13 and 14th of November 2012 it will be two full years since the Merriwa Railway Society commenced work at the site. Since this date a lot of work has been achieved at the site. The Dulux Sponsorship was secured in January 2011 after 10 months of negotiations with Dulux.

All the work that has been achieved by the group and it's Supporters and Sponsors is documented in this News page and the Archived News pages. There is also a detail Photo gallery of the groups progress as well as an variety of new and old photos.


September the 1st 2012

Good morning,

Well the project is progressing at the Merriwa Railway Station with the Interior of the building now looking a treat after being painted with Dulux paint in the colour's advised by Railcorp information forwarded to us in the early stages of the project.

The Media has been very generous to our group with stories in 3 different Newspapers and Online as well.

The number of Volunteer hours has risen to 1155.75 Hours, with many of these coming in the cold of Winter. Special thanks to those who have braved the early morning temperatures. At a rate of $25.00 per hour our group has saved the community $28,893.75 so far since our Working bees started in November 2010. This does not include the Many thousands of dollars that have been saved by the Donations of time and material from many contributors. Many thanks to them for allowing our group to achieve what we have achieved so far.

Check out our Photo gallery for photos of the Interior of the building.


August 12th 2012

Council slashed most of the site over Thursday and Friday while yesterday, during our normal working bee more work was carried out on site with Peter and Cassandra Mc Claren brush cutting much of the difficult terrain where the slasher couldn't get to. The new trees were watered more work was done to the sign near the entry gate.

More painting was carried out inside the Station Masters Office and Ticket Office, these are now starting to look a treat, but are still a work in progress. Painting the interior and finishing the exterior will continue for the next few working bees. 

The Upper Hunter Shire Council nominated us for the Heritage section of the Tidy Towns competition with judges to be on site this Tuesday for a guided tour conducted by our local Co-Ordinator Bryan Baker.



August 10th 2012

The Merriwa Railway Society Incorporated were very fortunate to have a story in two Newspapers this past week. On the 7th of August a story in the Newcastle Herald and on 9th of August a Story in the Merriwa Ringer. Check out the Media Page for the Stories.


June 10th 2012

What an exciting day at Merriwa yesterday. A large crowd attended the "Re-enactment of the turning of the first sod" at the Merriwa Railway Station.

Mayor of the Upper Hunter Shire Council, Lee Watts, addressed the crowd with a well researched speech before turning the sod with the original Spade, used 100 years ago. After the turning of the sod a Tree was planted by Alan McRae's Grand daughter Philomena Constable. Of course there were plenty of Photo opportunities at the sod turning and the tree planting.

After these two events, members from the Merriwa Railway Society Incorporated walked in the street parade for the Festival of Fleeces.

Many people visited the Railway Station during the day and were very, very impressed with the work that has been achieved by the groups Volunteers.


May the 18th 2012

News from the Merriwa Railway Society Incorporated has reached an exciting point for the Committee and it's members.

We have a new Committee in place after being elected in May.

A 100 year anniversary is being planned for the 9th of June, which is the Saturday of the Long weekend and is also the Festival of the Fleeces Weekend.

Negotiations have been happening since October 2011 to lease a Railmotor and bring it onsite but this may take some time to achieve as there is lots of organising to do.

Planning for more signs to be placed on site are in motion as well so the site will change quite considerably in the next month.

Fundraising is planned also, with a Major project in the pipeline.

We have been very fortunate to have 2 Newspaper articles printed in the last couple of weeks. Many thanks to the Newspapers who were able to get our group in print again.

Our Volunteer hours are heading towards 1000 hours for the project.


April the 25th 2012

This weeks Hunter Valley News paper has a story about the progress of the Restoration Project at the Merriwa Railway Station which is run by the Merriwa Railway Society Incorporated. Our Volunteers have acheived a great deal of work while also maintaining the site as it is part of our lease agreement to keep the place looking respectable as well. Go to the following link to read the story,

 At the end of March, our Merriwa Co-ordinator made a presentation at the Murriundi Heritage Seminar. The following link will take you to the Youtube link,

Our volunteer hours have now increased to 929.5 hours. At a rate of $25.00 per hour, our group has saved the community $23,237.50. This is a large amout of money and full credit goes to all our Volunteers who have helped with this project. Many thanks to all of you. It is greatly appreciated.


March 31st 2012

Have received permission from the owner of a Video which has been sourced from the Internet. Denys2323 shot this video in 1986.http;//WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=HBNqJRacXZq

Check this out if you are Interested.


March 25 2012

Yesterday more work took place on site with the ongoing restoration of the station precinct. More undercoating of the interior ready for painting as well as ongoing mowing and brushcutting.


Trent Pegler


March 11 2012

Over the past two Fridays, Cec and Jason have continued to work on the interior of the station building including removing the window that looked into the waiting room.

This window was installed by the Pottery Group that used the station building several years ago before the Society was formed. This has now been replaced by double doors. Cec has also made a replacement window for the ladies room as the timber from the old one was rotted out. He will install it as time permits in between the work on the interior.

Brian and I went up to Merriwa on the afternoon of Friday 9 March to inspect the work that Cec and Jason had done that morning. Afterwards we went to the local RSL for our evening meal before returning to the station afterwards for some night photography using 150W protable spotlights powered by our generators. After about 1 hour we went to the motel to get some much needed sleep.


We went up to the station bright and early the next morning and started preparing our equipment ready to commence work.

I started undercoating the double doors to the waiting room and the surrounding framework while Bryan and Brian started with the routine mowing and brushcutting. Jan arrived soon after and prepared the interior walls using gap filler before undercoating the 'new' wall and door separating the ticket office and station masters room (ticket office side only until work on the other side of the wall is finished). More undercoating will be done on the rest of the ticket office walls in the next few weeks when time permits.

By 2:00PM I had painted the double doors and frame using 2 coats of Dulux 1 Step Undercoat followed by 3 coats of Dulux Weathershield "Mission Brown" on the doors and 4 coats of "Golden Tan" for the Frame.

 Trent Pegler


February 25 2012

Yesterday Cec and Jason continued working on the internal wall partitions of the station building. Meanwhile today, Jan continued painting the exterior. Kerry Hapgood sanded a door that will be used for the Station Masters Room. Jan Cronin came up to the site and watered the plants. Bryan, Brian & Myself undertook more mowing and brushcutting.

 Trent Pegler


February 11 2012

Yesterday volunteers Cec and Jason Cox started work on reinstalling the internal wall partitions seperating the Waitng Room, Ticket Office and Station Masters Office. They have also sourced the rest of the timber needed for these walls and will cut it to size before installing.

Meanwhile today, Jan Cox, Mel (short for Melvin) Gillott, Brian Leedham and myself continued painting the exterior of the station building, most of which is now complete with only hard to reach areas, front fascia boards, rear windows, external fireplace cover and touching up still to do.

During the morning Bryan mowed the platform using one of the push mowers, then the station parking area using the ride-on. During the afternoon, Brian took over on the ride-on.


 Volunteer Hours Update - As of 11 February 2012

At the end of today the Volunteers have amassed 818.25 hours on the project. At an hourly rate of $25.00 an hour the Merriwa Community has been saved a figure of $20456.25 

Many thanks to our society Volunteers for all their hard work.

Trent Pegler


January 28 2012

More painting and mowing was carried out today after the christmas/new year break. The platform scales were also cleaned. A whiteboard has been donated by a local and will be used as a noticeboard for volunteers in the Parcels Room. Over the next few months work will take place to rebuild the interior partition walls. These walls had been removed by a previous community group.