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Saturday 29th of December 2012

The Upper Hunter Shire Council has the MRSI mentioned on three pages of the community directory at their Website . Check out the link here.

Go to Community directory at the top of the page, then click on either Community, Tourism or Social and Culture.


Thursday the 21st of November

Check out the link for our latest story via the Newspapers,

Thursday the 15th of November 2012

Thursday the 18th of October

Thursday the 9th of August and Tuesday the 7th of August 2012.



Wednesday the 13th of June. A couple of stories from the Ringer.



Thursday the 29th of September 2011.

Below is an article from the Hunter Valley Newspaper about Federal Volunteer grant's given out to Upper Hunter Shire council community groups. The Merriwa Railway Society Incorporated were successful in being awarded a Volunteer grant of $4,800.00.

2011 May 21st,

Good Morning,

Today I will be adding 3 stories from the Media. The MRSI group has been successful in the last two weeks with articles in two Newspapers.





December 2010,

Check out the link to MRSI's affiliation with the Royal Australian Heritage Society.

Check out the NSW Heritage Volunteer awards at this link.


The MRSI was successful in getting an article in the 9th of December Ringer paper and the December 16th Ringer paper. Check them out below



November/October 2010

Good Evening,

Another story from the Merriwa Ringer.


Good Morning,

Below is a story that was printed last Wenesday the 10th of November.

Good Evening,

Another story in the Merriwa Ringer this week.

Take a look if you are interested below.


Good Evening,

The MRSI has done well again with Media Articles. An Article on the Front Page of the Hunter Valley News, newspaper. And the Merriwa Ringer has had two articles in the past two weeks.

Check out the link for the HVN article here,

The article above was printed on the Front Page of the paper.


May 2010

The Merriwa Ringer has been busy with couple of articles being printed in the past two weeks. We are hoping to have another article in next weeks Ringer.

 Brian Leedham.


After only 5 months - an overview - the MRS has had the following public relations coverage -

  • Hornsby Advocate newspaper story published - October 21 2009
  • Scone Advocate story published - October 2009 - ongoing -

  • Newcastle Herald story published  - Jan 2010

Bryan Baker -

  • Merriwa Ringer stories published monthly - Sept/Oct 2009 - ongoing

  • 2NM radio coverage with updates

  • Placed 34 meeting notices in Merriwa shop windows

Brian Leedham -

  • Hunter Valley Newspaper story published - October 2009 - ongoing

Paul Bird -
  • Radio 1233 Station coverage -  October 2009