Merriwa Railway Society Incorporated

Steaming ahead To preserve Our Rail Heritage

4862 is seen leading a loaded wheat train out of Merriwa. Photo from the Ron Preston Collection


The station building, goods shed, gantry crane, loading bank, water column, turntable and wheat silos all still exist.

The loco shed, barracks, coal stage, water tank, Gents Toilet/Lamp Room, Stockyard and Fettlers shed were demolished in the 1970's and 1980's. It is planned to build replica structures where possible


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Sandy Hollow


This Section contains information and photos of locations along the line.

 Another photo from Ron Preston's collection.



Above is a Photo from Brian Leedham's Collection.

Above is a plan of the Railway Station and the complete Merriwa Railway Precinct. Supplied by the UHSC and the ARTC.


The facilities at Merriwa are mostly intact with only the Stockyards, coal stage, Water tank, Loco Shed and Barracks missing, these being demolished in the 1970's and 1980's.

A CPH Railmotor at Merriwa. Note the Hedge along the platform and the loco shed in the far background. Photo from the Late Ron Preston Collection provided by his son Steve.

Another view of the Railmotor this time viewing in a south-westerly direction. Photo from the Late Ron Preston Collection provided by his son Steve.

A C30T Steam Locomotive arrives at Merriwa with No5? Goods from Muswellbrook. Photo from the Late Ron Preston Collection provided by his son Steve.

Steam Locomotive 3090T being turned ready for the return journey to Muswellbrook. Photo from the Late Ron Preston Collection provided by his son Steve.




Wappinguy Railway Station was located 746 metres towards Gungal from this Kilometre post. This information comes from the NSW rail Website.

The rail formation in the Photo above vears to the left which is thought to be the location of the Wappinguy Railway Station. In the future the Merriwa Railway Society Incorporated may be able to restore the Railway line to this location to run a Tourist Train of some kind.




Sandy Hollow

Above is a link to some photographs from Athol Mullen's Collection.

Take a look at the photos in the Sandy Hollow Album in the Photo gallery There are 2 photos of 2 LLV vans that have been abandoned on the Railway Corridor. MRSI was going to retrieve them and use them at the Merriwa Railway Precinct. Problem being it would be a large job hiring a Mobile Crane and expensive as well. These Vans are rusty and would not be suitable for reuse. I was at this location on the Saturday of the June (2010 ) long weekend and these vans are to far gone to be used for something in the future

Go to the following link for the photos taken by Steve & Diane Lee.


Above is a plan of the Sandy Hollow Railway Station Precinct. This was supplied to me by a Sydney Railway Historian. Many thanks to this person.

Above is a Photograph taken by Anonymous01. I have taken this Photograph from Rolfe Bozier's Website at The reason for using this photo is to give indication of what the Merriwa branch connection looked like because the junction was straight railed in 2007 during upgrade works on the Ulan line.

Above and below are photos of the bridge, or what is left of it, over Halls Creek just west of Sandy Hollow.

These photographs were taken on the 12th of September 2009 by Brian Leedham.

A Photo from the Merriwa Historical Society. Photographer unkown at this stage.

The Location is the Sandy Hollow Railway Station.


The Next three photos are of the Halls Creek Bridge in its currrent condition. Photos by Brian Leedham.


Another Photograph from the Merriwa Historical Society,Photographer unkown at this stage.

This is the Bridge at Sandy Hollow before the wooden trestles were removed.

An ARHS NSW special arrives at Sandy Hollow in December 1972. Photo provided by Graham H 

Photo provided by Graham H